Fresh start

Ok. This will be a bit of a new start on this blog. I have to admit I actually forgot about it for a while… and almost everything about fishing as well. Life happened with all it brings along. But wait… I recently remembered one very important thing! Life can not happen without fly fishing. Not for me anyway!

Fly fishing for me had came down to one week a year. The annually fishing trip to Norway, which by the way is more of a social trip to meet the old guys than a breathtaking troutbum trip.

I think it was on this trip I knew I have to fish more again. For my health, well being and for my family (Happy dad, happy kids)! It might be hard to come up to the same amount of fishing hours I had 10, 15 years back. But to increase them from this week of Norway fishing must go. Standing beside the beautiful Norwegian river in Jotunheimen national park, knowing winter is coming, I got this fantastic idea. Let’s go to New Zealand fly fishing! A dream destination since I was 10 year and read the book ”Casting Illusions” (Which actually only had one or two pictures from NZ, but it was them that caught my eyes)


Winter here, summer there. And that means more than poor fishing here and great fishing there. That also means less expectations from family to get to amusement parks, playgrounds, boat riding, sun bathing and other summer holiday activities. Winter is just a big black hole all the way to april getting up early, making kids ready for school, going to work, going home, and sleeping. They won’t even know I’m away if I just make the outdoor christmas lighting and spruce twigs ready before I leave. Especially since I only will be gone for 16 days…

Yes. I already booked the trip all the way from Sweden and back again with hotels, motels, lodges and guides. Right now I am looking over my gear… resulting in a lot of new gear. Really, a lot!

My list of items needed to be bought is so far:

  • New and fast #6 rod for more windy days. Looking at the SAGE Method… But has not decide yet.
  • Clothing… 3-4 SIMMS quick dry shirts and a couple of quick drying pants. Add some bugstopper clothing and gloves as well…
  • New fly lines. SCIENTIFIC ANGLER MPX line. Already bought one #5.
  • New fly reels. Bought one LAMSON Liquid with extra spools. Very reasonably priced set of reel and extra spools.
  • Wet wading gear… Just ordinary long johns.
  • Better polarized sunglasses. Looking at SMITH Chroma Pop lenses. Brown.

I’m sure this list will grew. But I already bought a lot of stuff. Wouldn’t take the risk having bad gear going to the other side of the planet.

The evenings now, after the kids are in bed, is mostly spent reading about places and methods for successful NZ fishing. Reading John Kents guide book to South Island, combined with Google Earth and Google searches.

One big thing about this trip for me is that I am traveling alone. And it’s really only one thing that worries me about that. My back. I’ve been having medium to severe back pain for almost 10 years. Some days are worse, and some better. But there have been times when I could not stand up fishing… Just let this trip not be one of those times.

But… Life comes with no guarantees. Just let’s go to NZ and hope for the best, and big brown trouts of course!

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NOTE: I thought it would be a good thing to practice my english language before I run away to Kiwi land. Therefore the sudden change in the language on the blog.