Hard to focus

With only half a month left to my New Zealand trip and I’m having a hard time to stay focused at work. Am I all set, or have I forgot something important… Passport, medical insurance, bookings ans so on. It’s a lot to think about, especially when traveling alone. No one else will back me up on this trip.

My plans has changed over time. From the first idea of driving around both islands with a campervan, finding spots to fish by chance to the latest plan of staying in motels, BB’s and hotels at the south island and flying domestic to save some time and having rental cars on my destinations. Nelson, Queenstown, Garston and Gore…

I tried to get some advice from people who been there and done that before. But even if I assure them I practice Catch & Release and pay my full respect to the nature it’s hard to get information. Looking at Google maps doesn’t help much… Is the road I see from the satellites point of view good enough to drive on, maybe the spot that looks so great from above is inaccessible by foot. Or maybe, the spot is well known and already overfished. The questions are many. Answers is few.

I got my gear all set up with rods, reels, flies, lines, clothing, GPS-transmitter and more, much more. But will it be the right rod, reel, line, clothes…

This will be an adventure. Not for the globetrotter, troutbum or local Kiwi. But for me. I am not used to this. But it is how I would like to be. And doing it is the first step to become it.

I have a lot of fears. Wasps, bad weather, dead rivers and so on… But the thing I fear most is how I will handle being away from my family, and my children. Not getting that hug from my daughter when I’m coming home at the end of the day, or not be able to give my son the morning kiss when leaving him outside his school.

I’m thinking to much!



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